About Us

United Automotive Appraisals was formed in January 1991 as the need for independent automotive appraisals and inspections were increased. We provide valuable information to the insurance industry as to vehicle condition and determine the cause and extent of damage as well as provide actual cash value and physical damage estimates of vehicles for insurance claims.

We are a multi-line automotive appraisal firm based in Miami, Florida. We perform a series of appraisal services for automotive manufactures, insurance companies, leasing companies, extended warranty companies, third party administrators and financial institutions.

United Appraisals is the leader in quality, service, sophistication and innovation. We have developed a solid professional staff with unmatched performance standards. Our customer satisfaction extends beyond our clients to their customer's satisfaction. These attributes have in turn earned us the respect, trust and patronage of some of the finest organizations in the world.

Our technology includes a secure network that allows our staff to work mobile in a virtual environment. With today’s internet capabilities and security we have the ability to not be tied to one location and can operate in a mobile wireless environment. Our staff of Engineers, ASE Master Technicians, Investigators and Accounting personnel can travel and operate at the same time, providing our clients with a consistent high level of service. We offer cutting edge systems: Integrated on-line operating systems where the ordering, assigning, and reporting of inspections are processed and transmitted electronically.

Today, we perform a vast number of appraisals each month with the highest level of accuracy and attention to detail, allowing us to provide consistent service to the world’s largest automotive manufactures.

Together with our corporate partners, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction to provide the highest quality appraisal services in the industry.

Our “Rapid Response Team” (RRT) can implement and process record numbers of high quality, accurate Condition Reports with full damage estimates and photo documentation at a single location on any given day.




United Automotive Appraisals strives to serve all of the automotive industry by providing accurate and timely damage inspections, estimates, reports, and digital documentation on mechanical and body damage. We aspire to be the ultimate automotive appraisal firm.

Our company demands the highest degree of professionalism by all inspectors and personnel. Our staff will deliver a superior service and continue to set the industry standard for customer service and client satisfaction.

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